What other have said . .
"I served with Steve Mandel on the City Council, so I understand first hand that Steve is a strong, independent leader. We need to keep him working for us as a Lake County Board Member."
— Karen May, State Representative, 58th District
"I have worked closely with Steve Mandel on protecting the environment, especially our lake shore. Steve is dedicated to preserving and improving the quality of life for everyone in Lake County"
— Susan Garrett, State Senator, 29th District

“Steve Mandel will bring meaningful fiscal experience and be an effective environmental change-agent to the Lake County Board.”

Nancy Rodkin Rotering, Mayor, City of Highland Park

“Steve Mandel leaves the Highland Park City Council with a very long list of constructive work on numerous issues. Steve will use his extensive knowledge of municipal government and partnerships with agencies and other governments on the Lake County Board. Steve is one of the most qualified people to seek election to the Lake County Board. Let’s make it happen.”

Carol Spielman, former member, Lake County Board

“I’m supporting Steve because he has the experience and knowledge to hit the ground running on the myriad of issues the County Board deals with. We’ll be lucky to have him!”

Anne Flanigan Bassi, Lake County Board

“Steve has a bold approach to government and there is no
camouflage to his positions. Steve will not hesitate to be out in front working on positive change in Lake County to help our residents. I encourage you to vote for Steve Mandel for Lake County Board.”

Michelle Feldman, Lake County Board

“ I have served our community for the past twelve years alongside of my colleague, Councilman Steve Mandel. Steve has always worked tirelessly on the behalf of every citizen in our community. While he has extraordinary knowledge in numerous issues our community has faced and has been exceedingly skilled in his management of complex issues, I believe his greatest asset is constituent service.

There is no doubt in my mind that Steve Mandel will be effective, creative and diligent as a member of the Lake County Board. He will bring a unique perspective and intense energy to the Lake County Board and I endorse his candidacy.”

Jim Kirsch, Councilman, City of Highland Park

"I eagerly endorse Steve Mandel for the Lake County Board. I have known Steve for many years while he has been a City Councilman in Highland Park. He is honest, hard working and dedicated to making government serve the people. He has been a tireless worker in finding many ways to save tax dollars through sustainability programs. Steve Mandel is passionate about what he believes in and he believes in a government that serves the people he represents. He fights for fairness.   Steve Mandel will be a tremendous asset to the voters of Lake County."

Tony Blumberg, Councilman, City of Highland Park

"Steve is passionate about our environment, dedicated to improving government and highly responsive to the taxpayers of our community.  I'm excited that he will be representing us on the Lake County Board and I encourage you to vote for him on November 6."

Paul Frank, Councilman, City of Highland Park

Steve Mandel has been an elected leader for almost two decades, leading efforts to streamline our government, minimize taxpayer costs and protect our environment.  I am excited for Steve to bring his experienced and passionate voice to the Lake County Board. 

David Naftzger, Councilman, City of Highland Park

"Steve has been a tireless, fierce and strong advocate and leader on the environment and other issues important to our community."

Dan Kaufman, Councilman, City of Highland Park


"We have lived in Highland Park for 17 years, and we write to endorse Steve Mandel for City Council. Steve's vision and leadership during his four terms on the City Council has helped make Highland Park a great place to live. What is so impressive about Steve is his passion, commitment and genuine love for our community, both the people and the land.

Steve's record speaks volumes: He led the effort to keep the parking garage near the train station at ground level instead of the proposed four story garage; he established the "Community Internet Page" that helped create a community network for Highland Park residents; and he worked for adoption of impact fees that developers pay to reduce our tax burden.

The government representatives who give of themselves to make Highland Park a wonderful, safe community are remarkable. They give up their personal time and work so hard to protect our interests. They take their jobs so seriously. Steve is a sterling example of an outstanding representative."

— Michael Behn and Linda Wyetzner, Highland Park

"I read with great pride in the March 5 edition of the Highland Park News that the city was awarded a grant for the wetlands project at the Skokie River Woods. As someone who was involved in the preservation of that area, I was somewhat disheartened by the lack of history in the article.

This area would not have been preserved if not for the efforts of Councilman Steve Mandel, who worked with neighbors to prevent construction of a skilled nursing facility on that property. Steve led the effort between the city, the Park District, Lake County and the state to preserve this property. Without his efforts, the Centennial neighborhood, an area that is subject to severe flooding, would have been subject to more damage, and the intersection of Route 22 and 41 would have been even more congested.

In a city that prides itself on environmentalism, Steve Mandel consistently fights for these issues in a persistent and effective manner. Time and time again he has work with citizens to create a better community, putting their interests first.

Please join me in re-electing Steve Mandel to Highland Park's City Council. Let's keep Steve working for us."

— Walter Hainsfurther, Highland Park

"Steve Mandel began working for the citizens of Highland Park when he was quite a young man. What was notable then and continues to this day is the extraordinary enthusiasm he brings to public office and how he is out front leading on issues time and time again.

Steve has long promoted open and transparent city government. In an era when elected official newsletters are becoming commonplace, Steve can boast of having started the practice more than a decade ago. More recently he pressed to have City Council meetings on the Web. Now we can view "live" City Council meetings and previous meetings.

Steve's respect for the environment and his creativity have led to our residential volume-based garbage collection and single hauler commercial refuse collection, both with free recycling. He was instrumental in the city leasing Prius hybrid vehicles. The new demonstration rain garden at City Hall is another of his efforts.

Of major importance, now more than ever, is the need to be able to count on our local officials to reduce the tax burden we bear. Recently Steve has emphasized his belief that policy makers in government must reduce costs and streamline operations to reduce the tax burden. But he is no late-comer to this. Steve has always been concerned about citizens who struggle to make ends meet.

As we look to future policies, programs and how our city will be managed, we will be well served if Steve Mandel is re-elected to the council."

— Carol Spielman

"I have known Steve Mandel for many years, as he is a local person, and have found him to be fiscal responsible with our tax money along with being a dedicated servant to the citizens of Highland Park.

Steve deserves to be re-elected as a councilman to continue to be available to serve the needs of the city. Steve has always been available when the need to resolve a problem or questions arose to all.

With the financial situation as it is throughout, we need a responsible dependable fiscal council man to serve us in Highland Park.

Please re-elect Steve Mandel again for all of us."

— Connie Giese, Highland Park

"I am writing this letter to show my support for Steve Mandel who is up for re-election to the Highland Park City Council on April 7.

I have known for Steve for over 15 years, when I first moved to Highland Park. My introduction to him was while serving as chairperson of the Greenways Commission. Steve was the City Council liaison who kept us on track and helped lead us to the creation of a plan that offers non-vehicular pathways to traverse and enjoy Highland Park, including bike and walkway trails.

Later, while running Opera Theatre Highland Park, Steve served as a board member and was vital to the early establishment of this arts organization that thrived for many years in our community.

I know that many query why an individual chooses to serve in public office when the hours are long, the pay is low and one is subject to the many grievances of local residents. Believe it or not, there are individuals, such as Steve Mandel, who do this simply because they want to make the world a better place.

Steve's world is Highland Park. He is here to help you and is just a phone call away from helping you solve any community problem you may have.

If you want a City Council person that is fiscally responsible and truly committed to the well-being of Highland Park, then I highly recommend voting for Steve Mandel on April 7."

— Marla Forbes, Highland Park

"Steve Mandel has established a proven record as an independent city council member who approaches issues with passion and sincerity. As a lifelong resident of Highland Park, Steve's strong desire to preserve the character of our neighborhoods has been the cornerstone of his work over the years.

His creative thinking has helped the city achieve forward thinking accomplishments, especially in the area of conservation and the environment.

During these difficult financial times, we need fiscally conservative discipline. We need Steve Mandel to be re-elected to the Highland Park City Council."

— Dave Weber, Highland Park

"When we pause to think in whom we will place our trust for City Council leadership, perhaps it is wise for us to choose leaders who will put the communities' interest first.

This means a balancing between development and preserving the Highland Park we know and love.

Steve Mandel exemplifies this.

Everything he backs benefits our economy,our environment, education, crime prevention, lifestyle and the other worthwhile factors that make Highland Park a special and desirable place to live.

Please join us and vote to re-elect Steve to City Council on April 7."

— Ruth and Gus Spero, Highland Park

"In an era when politicians promote their initiatives to expand business and development, Steve Mandel has committed himself to enhancing and protecting our environment and, along with Mayor Belsky, providing strong, positive and results oriented leadership on sustainability initiatives.

While I personally believe every community needs to maintain a healthy balance between development and preservation, Steve has been the champion of the latter while working with his fellow Council members to insure that Highland Park remains one of the most beautiful and productive communities in the Chicago area in which to live and work.

The complex coordination of the purchase of 38 acres for preservation as open space and working with local State Federal and Canadian officials to protect the Great Lakes may not have reached the level of page one news, however I can't think of more important efforts to have been taken on our collective behalf and those of our children in recent memory.

For these and for all the other issues that he has taken on as an independent voice for the citizen's of Highland Park, Steve Mandel has demonstrated he deserves to be returned to City Council for another term."

— Jonathan Plotkin, Highland Park

"Steve Mandel has always been a concerned, accessible and a very effective Councilman for the citizens of Highland Park.

I have called him on several occasions and in each case he has returned my calls in a timely fashion and has facilitated a resolution to issues that I have had with the City. Just recently, I called Steve about a staff ruling that would have cost all the homeowners on our street many dollars for snow removal that had never been charged in the past. Steve immediately researched the issue and advocated on behalf of the residents about the lack of timely notice and relevant facts to the City Manager. After Steve spoke to the City Manager on our behalf, the City Manager reversed the staff decision and remedied the situation.

Steve has always kept the citizens' best interests first as our City Councilman. Keep Steve Mandel on our City Council and vote for him because he is working hard for us."

— Mark S. Hearsh, Highland Park

"Just last week, my family, the Elkins, had the fortune of hosting Steve at our home.

This was the first time I had personally met Steve, and to be honest I was truly impressed by his sincere appreciation for the opportunity he has in helping the people of Highland Park. Not only did he fight for causes that my family and I believed in, but he did so when it wasn't a politically savvy move. In his words, he said, "You gotta do what you believe in, otherwise you are not doing what the people elect you to do -- to stand up for what is right, no matter the political consequences."

The next day Steve called me and thanked me for letting him use our home to introduce him to our friends and family, and the truth is, my family and I are thankful to him for what he has done for the HP community.

I hope that everyone has the opportunity to meet him, if you already haven't, because he is the type of guy that you can speak to for hours."

— Michael D. Elkin, Esq., Highland Park Resident



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